Writing a Thank You Letter the Right Way

Posted by The Editors on November 7, 2011
Writing a Thank You Letter the Right Way

It’s essential to follow up and express thanks after a job interview in order to convey gratitude for the opportunity and reinforce the impression you’ve made. But a lot of the advice out there suggests a handwritten and mailed thank-you note is the way to go. We’re not so sure about that.

It’s really the message—not the medium—that matters.

Steven Levy, managing director for technology and social media with recruiting firm Twiller-Moore, looks for thought-provoking content in the note, not perfect penmanship. “I’m looking for a note that makes me say either, ‘huh, I didn’t think of that,’ or ‘oh yeah, I want this person’,” he says. “I could care less whether it’s handwritten or not.”

The speed and ease of an email also allows you to follow up while the interview is fresh in your mind. Though some experts still stand up for the handwritten note, saying that it shows an extra effort, thank-you emails can still be thoughtful. If you interview with multiple people, for example, send an emailed thank-you to each one—no blanket messages or BCCs.

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