What's the Point? When to List Your GPA On Your Resume

Posted by Emily Callaghan on April 10, 2012
What's the Point? When to List Your GPA On Your Resume
Your grade point average alone won’t get you hired, but a stellar one can help you shine a bit brighter. Here’s how—and when—to list your academic score on your resume.

If it Ain’t Great, Don’t List it

A GPA of 3.0 or above is worth listing under “Education,” next to your major. Anything below a 3 you should leave off. Another option is to calculate the GPA for classes completed as part of your major, says career coach Julie Cohen. “Maybe a biology major didn’t do well in Spanish or history, so his overall GPA is a 2.9, but his major GPA much higher.” In this case, list your academic score like this: Major GPA: 3.7

Keep it Classy

Graduation distinctions, such as summa cum laude, magna cum laude, or cum laude, add a touch of class to the 4.0 scale by showing your school has recognized your academic excellence. Since Latin honors and what it takes to earn them differ—3.6 for magna cum laude at one school, 3.8 at another—list your numerical figure, too.

Grow Up

Once you have 2–3 years of full-time work experience under your belt, a GPA doesn’t say much about your potential and is a waste of resume real estate. “Some people are married to their 4.0,” says Cohen. “It’s a pride thing—but it doesn’t actually add to who they are as a candidate.” Instead of appearing stuck in the past, fill that line with another detail from your most recent position.

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