Show Your Stripes

Posted by The Editors on June 16, 2011
Show Your Stripes

Peter Shankman, CEO of the New York-based PR firm The Geek Factory, has successfully pulled off a silly stunt or two through the years to get people thinking about the companies he represents (American Express, Disney, The Discovery Channel).

"Being 2 percent different from the crowd works for career success as well," says Shankman, author of Can We Do That? "If you want to rise, then get down to work distinguishing yourself from the others." Once you draw attention to yourself, though, you better know your stuff.

TIE ONE ON.  If the office dress code is a conservative tie and a blue button-down shirt from Brooks Brothers, wear a Versace cravat and perhaps one of those white-collar-and-French-cuff numbers. And make that outfit yours. "Clothes are superficial, but you will be remembered," says Shankman.

PAPER PROFITS.  Making a big presentation? Invite the principals from the client with a hand-written note on classy parchment, not a sleep-inducing memo. "You'll be known as the exec with that special touch-and the meeting will take on increased importance."

IT'S ABOUT THEM. If you're in the neighborhood, visit a client out of the blue to grab a cup of coffee. "If you caught her in the middle of something, no harm. If she has time, she'll be shocked you cared enough to drop in. What's more, renewing the contract with her company will be that much easier."

MBA Jungle Aug./Sept. 2007

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